Venture maturity

We are looking for projects at seed, early growth or growth stages. The key is to have a working product or service at least at MVP stage (Minimum Viable Product) and the possibility to establish demand for the offered solutions.


In the evaluation of the project we look out for validation of maturity of existing revenues or so-called traction in non-financial forms (letters of intent, pilot projects, users, accumulated knowledge, etc.). We resourcefully consider investments in projects at earlier stages, however, they should be characterised by uniqueness or protected intellectual property.

Sectors and Categories

Our main focus is on investments in companies offering products or services based on IT solutions of a broad sense. The most attractive and sought after are;

  • Solutions such as Big Data and Data Science allowing creation of value based on new or existing data sources.
  • Solutions for the financial sector (FINTECH).
  • Solutions using the blockchain technology.
  • Solutions which are consistent with the concept of “automation of knowledge work” that is, optimisation or elimination of human resources involvement in business processes.
  • Solutions which are consistent with the concept of the digital transformation of the organisation (Enterprise Software) and the idea of the digital economy (INDUSTRY 4.0).
  • IoT solutions.
  • “Cloud” technology solutions.

The search for investment targets is not limited to the above-mentioned areas. Opportunistically, we may consider projects in the category of Gaming, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality).

Geographical area

Our main area of research is in companies from the CEE region. However, this is not a determining factor in the project selection, but an assumption based on the knowledge of the markets, macroeconomic conditions in the region, the possibility of non-financial support and physical proximity. We would like to support our investment growth by their geographical expansion, even if it involves the distant countries. Companies’ sales activities outside CEE are most welcome.

General investment criteria

Compliance with the fund’s strategy

  • Area compliance.
  • Required maturity of a venture
  • Geographical compliance.

An adequate team

  • Team quality (experience and credibility).
  • Team consisting of at least two people.
  • The team consist of industry experts and enthusiasts of what they do.
  • Possibility of 100% team commitment into the venture.


  • Own capital invested or capital acquired.
  • Runway for a minimum three months of operations.
  • Demand for minimum 100k EUR.