Luma Ventures


We believe in a future in which we expand the likelihood of success of our projects. Our goals are to be an active partner of our investments, and in helping to increase their value.

We believe in a future in which we maximise the likelihood of success of our investments. We want to be an active partner for our portfolio companies helping them build their value.

We are convinced that technological innovations may constitute a real competitive advantage for the region’s economy, and increases of a society. We would like to support Polish and regional entrepreneurs to repeat global success stories such as Skype.

Ultimately, from our business activity we would like to contribute towards building a sustainable regional ecosystem which would allow for formation and growth of global unicorns and companies with cutting-edge technologies.



With the use of our available resources we would like to support financially and non-financially technological ventures of high and medium risk whilst creating significant added value for committed stakeholders.


We want our support to be crucial for entrepreneurs to fulfil their dreams and ambitions, while ensuring an appropriate return to the stakeholders.



  • Creating sustainable business strategies enabling long-term added value production.
  • Building an organisation in line with the concept of sustainable development.
  • Respecting entrepreneurs and appreciating efforts, which are related to risky undertakings.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of business ethics.
  • Investing only in projects which we are able to provide so-called “smart money”.
  • The commitment and understanding of the projects in which we invest.
  • Partners collaborations based on mutual trust and respect.