Luma Ventures invests in Datarino

We are pleased to announce, that the Datarino company joined the Luma Ventures portfolio. Investment in the amount of PLN 6 million will allow the company to develop and expand abroad.

Datarino is a team with unique capabilities and culture to create innovations. It is a team of Big Data and Data Science experts with years of professional experience in building data-oriented solutions; including work on the development of the Nasza Klasa portal (the Polish Facebook).

One of the solutions created by Datarino is Cluify - an innovative marketing platform revolutionizing the online advertising market involving Google Adwords and Facebook Ads campaigns. Cluify aggregates and interprets information about consumer behaviour in the offline world and analyses their preferences. Thanks to its wide mobile range, it enables advertisers to reach new customers with a precisely defined profile. Thanks to this solution, Cluify significantly increases the effectiveness of online campaigns and lowers their cost. An outstanding feature of Cluify is the introduction of the Visit Rate parameter, which allows to monitor the conversion rate of online advertising efforts to clients visits at bricks-and-mortar stores. Cluify thus transfers traditional sales into a completely new dimension, which was previously reserved only for the e-commerce world.

Datarino is a dynamically developing group, which includes Cluify as well as Datarino Financial - risk analysis solutions for the financial industry on the Polish and European markets or RinoApps - a development studio specializing in the design, production and distribution of proprietary games and mobile applications . The brand's portfolio includes its own titles, such as global Everybody app.

We perceive Cluify as a breakthrough solution addressing many needs and problems of the online advertising market which improves the effectiveness of campaigns by targeting customers with advertisements precisely matching services and products to their needs Luma Ventures decided to support the Datarino group financially and non-financially, helping the team to further develop and execute thegroup strategy.