Luma Ventures invests in Vizum Lab

We are pleased to announce that Luma Ventures has signed an investment contract with Vizum Lab. Thanks to the agreement, entrepreneurs from Vizum Lab received EUR 200.000 for further development work in the area of data analytics and for the launch of the sales process.

Vizum Lab is a team of experts who created a bespoke and universal location engine operating both at micro and macro scale. The solution combines various localization technologies, thanks to which it enables precise tracking of resources in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

On the basis of its engine, Vizum Lab has developed two products:

Vizum Info - a platform enabling the distribution of messages in the context of location and time, addressed to mass senders serving local communities (housing cooperatives, property managers, local goverments and city offices).

Vizum Workforce and Asset Management - business processes optimization platform featuring a set of analytical tools that interpret location information of physical assets and human resources.

Vizum Lab solutions fit into the increasingly popular idea of smart city - city management based on data processing and analysis, as well as Industry 4.0 - another industrial revolution driven by automation and data analysis. Luma Ventures noticed great potential of the project and vast experience of the team members, decided to support Vizum Lab financially as well as with its knowledge and business relations.