New patent for European Solutions (Luma Metallurgical Industry)

We proud to announce that on the 23rd of January 2018, European Solutions was granted the new patent entitled: "A method of production of low-carbon ferrosilicochrome in electric arc-resistance furnaces" by the Polish Patent Office (application number: 411272).
Two companies: European Solutions and ReAlloys (also part of Luma Metallurgy Fund) worked on this R&D project since 2015. It is a great accomplishment for both R&D teams. ReAlloys implemented this technology already in August 2017. The technology is designed to be transferred and applied at other foundries.

The subject of the invention is a method of production of low-carbon ferrosilicochrome in electric
arc-resistance furnaces. Ferrosilicochrome is used as a reducing agent in low-carbon ferrochrome production processes as well as an alloy and deoxidation additive for production of chromium steels.
The objective of invention is to reduce carbon content in ferrosilicochrome and to conduct a two-phase process of obtaining low-carbon ferrosilicochrome in electric arc furnaces and a refining ladle without additional costs and with the use of bath heat in the refining ladle.

The solution allows to:
• produce the novel pure alloy with reduced carbon content to 0.01% to improve greatly the quality of an alloy
• reduction of unit energy consumption per metric ton of final product by 10%,
• reduce alloy losses during secondary metallurgy process,
• reduce costs of refining process thanks to utilization of silica dust (byproduct from silicon alloys production) as a refining agent