Dr hab. prof. SGH Piotr Cizkowicz

Piotr is a qualified econometrician with an extensive business experience. He efficiently combines mathematics, statistics and economics to analyze the processes taking place in companies, industries and other complex ecosystems. Piotr is a seasoned scholar lecturing at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and is actively involved in the academic research.

Piotr gained his business experience while working for banks, consulting firms and the government. He managed systems of the big data class to create independent financial applications and controlling models at Kredyt Bank SA and the Polish National Bank (NBP). As an expert in the field of the public finance, he advised Monetary Policy Council and the NBP Management Board.
In 2012, Piotr was a Member of the Board of PKP SA – holding company of PKP Group. His responsibilities included coordination and supervision of a comprehensive change management and restructuring of the PKP Group. Restructuring measures led to an increase in dividends of more than PLN 90 million during his tenure. With an introduction of centralization of the support functions and creation of the purchasing team for the Group, PKP generated cost savings of PLN 190 million.
Between 2008-2012, Piotr was a Director of the Better Government Program and Chief Economist with Ernst & Young implementing projects related to economic advisory with an annual budget of more than PLN 2 million.
Piotr holds his Ph.D. from Warsaw School of Economics obtained under the supervision of professor Leszek Balcerowicz.